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                APP FEATURES

                Global Mobile Map Viewing and Navigation for Online and Offline OSM Maps


                • Works totally offline (no roaming charges when you are abroad)
                • Turn-by-turn voice guidance (recorded and synthesized voices)
                • Announce traffic warnings like stop signs, pedestrian crosswalks, or when you are exceeding the speed limit
                • Optional lane guidance, street name display, and estimated time of arrival
                • Supports intermediate points on your itinerary
                • Automatic re-routing whenever you deviate from the route
                • Search for places by address, by type (e.g.: restaurant, hotel, gas station, museum), or by geographical coordinates

                Map viewing

                • Carry highly detailed, fully offline maps of any region world wide on your device!
                • Display your position and orientation on the map
                • Optionally align the map according to compass or your direction of motion
                • Save your most important places as Favorites
                • Display POIs (points of interest) around you
                • Can also display specialized online tile maps
                • Can also display satellite view (from Bing)
                • Can display different overlays like touring/navigation GPX tracks and additional maps with customizable transparency
                • Optionally display place names in English, local, or phoic spelling

                Bicycle and pedestrian features

                • The offline maps include foot, hiking, and bike paths, great for outdoor activities
                • Map display and navigation mode for bicycle and pedestrian
                • Optionally display public transport stops (bus, tram, train) including line names
                • Optional trip recording to local GPX file or online service
                • Optional speed and altitude display
                • Display of contour lines and hill-shading (via additional plugin)

                Open Source OpenStreetMap & Wikipedia data

                • High quality information from the 2 best collaborative projects of the world
                • Global maps from OpenStreetMap, available per country or region
                • Wikipedia POIs, great for sightseeing (not available in free version)
                • Unlimited free map downloads, directly from the app (download limit 7 map files in the free version)
                • Always up-to-date maps (updated at least once a month)
                • OsmAnd Live - hourly map updates and all features available (available by subscription)
                • Compact offline vector maps
                • Select between complete map data and just road work (Example: All of Japan is 700 MB, or 200 MB for the road work only)
                • Also supports online or cached tile maps



                What you say

                "I use openstreetmap & osmandapp for hiking. Their new iD map editor is easy, so I added a few missing local footpaths."
                Iain Cheyne
                twitter: @Icheyne
                "Saved me numerous times, I would not have survived the Philippines without it!"
                Michelle Ann Levine
                Google Play
                "Installed on a whim while on a cycling trip : I was very impressed by the amount of detail!"
                François-Xavier Thomas
                Google Play
                "Found osmandapp :) trip planning is incredible."
                Joanne Donn
                twitter: @GearChic
                "Whenever I travel I always use it. Very useful."
                Sonny Lacanlale
                Google Play
                "Great navigation app with offline maps from OpenStreetMap with e.g. lane by lane navigation while driving, the UI is a bit difficult to navigate but it's a must app for vacation abroad."
                Jan Igerud
                Google Play

                Map example

                MAP STYLE

                OsmAnd Giveaway

                We know that not everyone is able to purchase OsmAnd on Google Play / Amazon store due to various reasons, but many of you would still like to support the application by using it and spreading it around the world.

                We are proud of our community, so we have decided to give away OsmAnd licenses as part of small entertaining game.

                Read more
                I'm using OsmAnd on:
                Enter your email address to participate:



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